Many people often see celebrities in magazines, commercial ads etc and wonder: How can  they have such long/thick/nice/beautiful/perfect hair? Well, some do and some don’t. Its good to have a style in mind and to be inspired by someone or something, but to know the secret behind the look is the most important thing. I’ve therefore decided to share some examples of celebrities and what they do to their hair to make it look perfect:

Beyonces natural hair has a kinky curl pattern (A & B) and so due to all the different styles she has to wear ( C ) due to her lifestyle of a mega star, she most often wears a french lace weave (D ) to protect her own hair. Sometimes, the application of the french lace is weave isn’t done as perfectly and signs of it being a french lace weave can be spotted (E ). Her latest hairstyle ( F ) has many to believe that it’ all her hair and that that’s her natural texture. As a proffessional hairstylist, I can tell you that it’s not and those curls are obtained by tight braiding and then unravelling, either from cowrnrows and/or individual braids worn over night. 

 Oprahs natural hair is long and thick, thanks to her keeping it rested in a weave while shooting TV shows, since all the heatstyling would damage her hair. She also reveals that she does a light texturizer to it every 3rd month, to keep it more managable and flat.








Kourtney Kardashian as well as her sister  Kim, wears tracks to add thickness and length to their hair.

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