What you put in is what you’ll get out! That goes for anything in life; work, relationships, friendships, your body and your hair. Eating a healthy diet and drinking the right kind of fluids determines a great part of your hairs overall health.

The Healthy Hair Suite listens individually to each clients needs in order to help them get longer, healthier and thicker hair. A test kit consisting out of the 3 key suplements for growing your hair:

Omega 3 can help your hair in many ways. They play a vital role in the optimal functioning of various body organs including our heart, brain, digestive system, joints, skin and hair. If you are suffering from hair loss, there is good news. Omega 3′s help your hair re-grow much quicker and stronger. They prevent hair loss effectively and also help to restart their normal growth again. And in case, you do not suffer from hair loss, omega 3 fatty acids will make your hair shinier and healthier. Omega 3s also add natural glow to the skin and make it look younger and healthier. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties which are very beneficial in skin problems such as blemishes and acne.


Biotin is a major component in the natural hair manufacturing process — it is essential to not only grow new hair, but it also plays a major role in the overall health of skin and nails. Biotin is a vitamin B and it is present in foods like eggs and liver. However, it would take a huge amount of eggs and liver to provide you with the 5mg. of biotin that you would need for healthy hair and nails. A biotin supplement can provide your body with the necessary amount of biotin it needs to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss without additional calories and without having to eat liver. Biotin is a member of the B-vitamin family. It assists in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein. It serves as a critical component of several enzymes and is involved in energy metabolism. The major benefit of biotin however, is its ability to strengthening hair and nails. Men and Women who are experiencing hair loss may be able to keep their hair longer and promote hair growth by taking a biotin supplement or hair vitamins containing biotin



This 3 week travel kit called “Growth booster” is sold for only $20 and gives you a chance to try these supplements and experience the results your self, before investing in any bigger adventure.

Thinning, hairlines are a common problem among clients with afro hair texture. The cause of breakage varies from chemical applications, stress from braiding, too much thermal heat or mental/emotional stress but with the right kind of vitamins, everyday stimulation of the scalp in form of gentle massage and none of the earlier above mentioned stress will grow your edges right back (see pic).

healthyhairsuite On September - 2 - 2011




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